Defense & Intelligence.

The national security enterprise is awash with vast quantities of data sources, types, and structures, across multiple domains. The Nexus platform enables our government customers to rapidly access valuable information, strengthening our position against our adversaries. Deploying Nexus truly supports our warfighters and intelligence professionals in their mission to bolster the defense of our nation.


Modern logistics requires the ability to orchestrate massive pipelines of information in real-time to move critical products and supplies across the globe. Nexus enhances your logistics processes by fusing together previously unrelated sets of information, optimizing your supply chain, delivery mechanisms and distribution. Nexus leaves its mark by providing immediate bottom-line results


Creating new policies or certificates of insurance (COIs) require human labor to review, interpret, and extract relevant information from various documents—a slow, error prone, and expensive process. Nexus solves this problem by automating the data extraction process resulting in a simple and efficient solution that helps insurance companies generate new policies and COIs at an average speed of 9.8 milliseconds per page and with over 96% accuracy for data extraction.


Innovative marketers understand the trends and inclinations of customers by sifting through piles of data, attempting to filter the noise. Staying at the forefront of markets requires keen insight, correlating information from disparate sources to drive decision making. Nexus applies its machine learning to associate features hidden from the human eye, ensuring marketers pick up tendencies before the masses, honing appropriate messaging and driving increased sales.

Financial Services.

Financial service organizations seek to fully engage their customers and prospects with their growing list of products and services. Analysts and advisors are currently forced to sift through vast amounts of disparate information to understand current and future needs. By integrating Nexus, surfacing only the most valuable and actionable information can happen in an instant.


With supply chains operating on a global scale, intelligence must be aggregated across language, cultural, and national security barriers. Nexus implements AI to deploy risk measures across the supply chain, including financial distress, foreign influence, sole-source supplier, and economic threat, mitigating perilous activity.


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare, from diagnosing conditions using computer vision in imagery to illuminating risk in a medical parts supply chain. Nexus can integrate data across all your systems, providing an enhanced patient profile for intelligent decisioning.

Public Sector.

Governments exist to strengthen the lives of their constituents. Federal, State and Local agencies are hyper focused on providing better services for their citizens, constantly searching for ways to protect and enhance our critical infrastructure, increase the quality of public services and mitigating fraud, waste and abuse. As a platform that has been proven to tackle the largest and most complex data challenges, Nexus is uniquely positioned to support public sector agencies by maintaining technical credentials that allow for data & decision auditability, traceability, scalability and security.

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