It is a future driven by big data — a powerful analytical approach that is simultaneously changing the way recruitment happens and re-emphasizing that it is the recruiter, not the talent, who is at the core of the process.

This approach to recruiting — also referred to as people analytics — is not only fueling businesses’ search for the best candidates, but also delivering a healthy dose of entrepreneurial energy to HR. Torch provides companies with applications designed to draw closely aligned candidates from the big-data well.

Whatever it takes to tell the story, make the connection and put the best candidate in the right seat at a company, big data is surfacing talent that conventional hiring networks might miss. And the evidence tells us that when it does its job correctly, employees stay longer, work happier and ultimately help a business recoup the cost of hiring and training faster and more assuredly.

How Torch Works

Learn more about Torch AI® plans and pricing designed to fit your team’s unique needs

Torch.AI® offers SaaS, on-premise and fat client network-centric risk intelligence applications designed to support the unique needs of teams grappling with highly complex problems and massive data.

Each application comes pre-configured to access immense OSINT data to assist in identifying, locating and correlating entities and events. We offer a variety of plans and pricing options to meet the stringent requirements of federal agencies, large enterprise and small teams alike.







Predictive Pricing

Ease financial planning and budgets, by knowing what your expense will be every month. A monthly fixed commitment lets you confidently access our industry-leading platform for your investigations. Pricing is based on the number of users you need, not the transactional amounts of data you use. We’ve now eliminated the need to constantly monitor usage to avoid additional charges.


Fit your costs to your exact usage needs. Take control of your finances and pay for only what you need with a minimum monthly commitment. This plan is made to be flexible with your business, provide bigger discounts as your volume commitment grows, and allow you to accommodate unanticipated increases in usage. This is a great option for large organizations with sporadic use.


Connect your team to groundbreaking data, analytics, and information-delivery with Torch AI.