Washington, D.C. – September 13, 2019 – Torch.AI, the leading machine learning and enterprise data orchestration platform to scale trust, announced today that it has agreed to partner with Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd to deliver machine enabled product-trace-ability solutions to the Australian Department of Defence. The program will enhance the client’s ability to improve supplier integrity through the illumination of complex supplier networks, data discovery, ingestion, orchestration and risk analytics.  Uniquely, the platform offers continuous vetting and monitoring through the use of two Torch.AI products, NEXUS EDO and the company’s ILLUMINATION application.

Torch.AI has pioneered an evolved the approach to identifying, assessing, and neutralizing risks associated with the global and distributed nature of product and service supply chains. The global economy presents unique and complex challenges when applying risk methodologies with the goal of safeguarding government and large commercial supply chains from emerging threats and vulnerabilities. The presence and influence of adversarial foreign governments, poor manufacturing and/or development practices, counterfeit products, tampering, theft, malicious software, etc., are examples of supply chain risks that must be mitigated. Federal agencies, government contractors, suppliers, and integrators use varied and non-standardized practices, making it difficult to consistently evaluate, measure, and neutralize threats to a particular supply chain.

Torch.AI has developed several specialized software solutions that autonomously interrogate complex networks that can be concurrently persistent and ad-hoc, solving several challenges in the Supply Chain Risk Management sector.


About Deloitte Australia

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About Torch.AI

Torch.AI is on a mission to enable machine augmented trust at scale. The platform offers rapidly deployable augmented intelligence technologies that use unique data ingestion technologies and advanced techniques to provide an automation and judgement solution within a convenient framework.

Through the lens of network-centric intelligence, variable detection and change are illuminated and displayed in real-time, facilitating opportunities for improved decisioning with outputs needed to measure and optimize performance. With built-in connections for entity search, classification and investigation modules, Torch can quickly and dynamically surface out-of-range variables without manual intervention. Learn more at https://torch.ai.