Leawood, Kansas— March 20, 2020 — Torch.AI, the leader in secure data orchestration and application integration, announced today several unique updates to their core data software platform, NEXUS™ EDO, to enhance data handling and security for companies with new telework challenges.

Torch.AI’s Response to COVID-19

Torch.AI is undeterred in our mission to deliver trust at scale for our clients. “Our customers rely on our mission-critical technology every day and we must deliver at a high level, uncompromised, no matter the disruption”, said Brian Weaver, Founder, and CEO.

Alongside most enterprises, Torch.AI instituted an emergency action plan in response to COVID-19, part of which includes working remotely and avoiding all non-essential travel. This unprecedented reality provided us a chance to consider relevant enhancements to our core next-generation Enhanced Data Orchestration solution, NEXUS™ EDO. Specifically, we deployed optimizations to assist our customers to gain a better security posture by enhancing trust across expansive IT networks in a world increasingly operating virtually.

“We are on a mission to scale trust. As the threat surface has grown exponentially with new styles of work, Torch.AI has been able to respond by deploying additional capabilities within our flagship integration platform, NEXUS™ EDO. An unprecedented challenge like COVID-19 requires an unprecedented response from Government and Industry alike to continue uninterrupted, uncompromised delivery.”

In recent years, Torch.AI has established itself as a leader in enhanced data orchestration and application integration. The firm’s software supports large enterprise clients including H&R Block, Deloitte, and the U.S. Government including the U.S. Department of Defense.

Telework Enhancements to NEXUS ™ EDO

Torch.AI designed and optimized NEXUS™ EDO for extremely complex data environments and customers making critical decisions. The software enables advanced

integrations, enrichment of data-in-motion, and streaming delivery of analytic payloads. NEXUS™ EDO ingests both structured and unstructured data while providing a synthesized”smart data pipe” created to enable advanced applications of combinatorial machine learning. The system is uniquely scalable and extensible, able to integrate with more than 200 BPM, CRM, ERP, and analytics applications.

Enabling employees to telework has well-documented benefits, but also creates new security challenges. A remote workforce creates a more significant threat to our cyber-supply chain and complicates our ability to make trusted decisions at scale.

Torch.AI’s NEXUS™ EDO now includes enhancements to native drag-and-drop integration tools that make provisioning role, credential, and environment based access to specific in-flight data payloads for teleworkers seamless. Additionally, setting encryption requirements and appending notices and warnings to payloads provides much-needed security controls for our challenging new work reality.

“The ability to instantly block or redact access to an organization’s most sensitive content, requires nuanced role-based access to systems and files, requires encryption, wrapping data payloads with critical security flags, on the fly. It will greatly improve the security posture of all of our NEXUS™ users.” Said Jon Kramer, Vice President of Engineering and Chief Architect. “Rapid provisioning of security and access controls is a great example of the powerful benefits of software like this.”

About Torch.AI

Torch.AI is on a mission to enable machine augmented trust at scale. The platform offers rapidly deployable data orchestration, machine learning, and application integration technologies to provide an automation and judgment solution within a convenient framework.

Through the lens of network-centric intelligence, variable detection and change are illuminated and displayed in real-time, facilitating opportunities for improved decisioning with outputs needed to measure and optimize performance. With built-in connections for entity search, classification, and investigation modules, Torch.AI can quickly and dynamically surface out-of-range variables without manual intervention. Learn more at https://torch.ai.