Torch.AI, a leading provider of intelligent systems of trust for the federal government and the fortune 500 is proud to announce being featured in Industry Magazine, the GovCio Outlook.

Torch.AI was featured by the magazine following the company’s ability to offer a machine learning platform that enables complex systems to be managed and manipulated with unparalleled security and ease of use. Torch’s computing technology leverages asymmetric encryption in containing and computing data securely, in a format that is can be shared, authenticated, credentialed, and security is handled in a simple package.

The ability of the company’s platforms to store data tags securely, rather than data itself, eliminates the need to have a large data warehouse as well as computation limitations. Users can also customize the platform to ensure key variables to surface quickly. According to Brian Weaver, Founder and CEO, “The most rewarding part is making heroes out of our clients when processes are triggered based on the specific patterns of data detected by the platform. Taking their expertise and putting it into action.”

The unmatched expertise of the company in the deployment of OEM applications has attracted several consultancy firms such as Deloitte, Accenture, DXC and many others. The partnership between them has been a vital aspect that has led to the development of state-of-the-art solutions for well-known organizations such as USDA, DISA, Treasury, FSB, FNS, IRS and DoD.

Torch is currently leveraging on staff in Beltway and R&D to add value to its client’s businesses by reducing improper payments and eliminating insider threats. The company also pursues meaningful relationships with key state contractors as pointed out by Mr. Weaver: “Our partners are thought-leaders and have true domain expertise that makes an advanced platform like Torch, really shine.”

About Torch.AI

Torch.AI is on a mission to enable machine augmented trust at scale. The platform offers rapidly deployable augmented intelligence technologies that use unique data ingestion technologies and advanced techniques to provide an automation and judgement solution within a convenient framework.

Through the lens of network-centric intelligence, variable detection and change are illuminated and displayed in real-time, facilitating opportunities for improved decisioning with outputs needed to measure and optimize performance. With built-in connections for entity search, classification and investigation modules, Torch can quickly and dynamically surface out-of-range variables without manual intervention. Learn more at

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