At Torch.AI, we know first hand the power of improved logistics from our work in complex global supply chain systems and are proud to support World Bicycle Relief with monthly donations to put more bicycles in the field.

The Need

For many people in the developing world, walking is their primary mode of transportation.
Add the challenge of distance and seemingly simple tasks of going to school, visiting the
clinic, or delivering goods to market become difficult and sometimes impossible. With no
choice but to walk, meeting everyday needs is a struggle against time and fatigue.

Our Response

World Bicycle Relief builds and distributes specially-designed, locally assembled, rugged
bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs through study-to-own and
work-to-own programs. For increased sustainability, we train field mechanics to ensure
access to maintenance and spare parts.

In addition to our philanthropic programs, World Bicycle Relief sells our Buffalo Bicycles
directly to non-governmental organizations, companies and individuals in need of
affordable and sustainable transportation.

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