Torch.AI™ develops advanced software applications that make data more intelligent, usable, and relevant to more people.


Patent-pending technology gathers, parses and computes not only target entity data, but data across the entity's entire network.


Torch packages this network data in actionable dynamic scores that adapt as ecosystem conditions evolve.


Leverage OSINT data to make a meaningful impact today. Optionally add your data to drive additional value from expanded correlations.

Today’s Analytics Simply Don’t Cut It

We live in an era where nearly all the world’s people are connected, if not by the internet, then by open source data. In the search for truth, many leaders have turned to a variety of analytics. Efforts often devolve into one of two states: attractive dashboards that aren’t actionable or whack-a-mole insights whose answers fail to relate to the original problem.

Further, most programs are predicated on tools that don’t “talk” to each other, suffer from severely limited data, human bias, massive expense and take too long to implement.

Illuminate with Torch AI

No matter the problem, better understanding of networks are central to the solution.  Torch identifies and predicts network and data linkage, solving the challenge of illuminating critical relationships.  These connections, now able to be manipulated in a visualized structure, allow us to collect and tag data not only on the target entity, but that entity’s entire network.

Torch can accommodate massive data, wrapping the output in dynamic and transportable deep learning derived mathematical computations to provide a new friction-less method of reducing risk and enhancing opportunity.

Better Machine Learning

Built on the most advanced technologies, Torch is scalable, secure and interoperates with most BPM, CRM and even ERP solutions.

Advanced artificial intelligence powered by network science. Founded in proven scientific theory and validated via millions of real-world data objects, Torch technology is helping solve the world’s most complex problems.

Torch automatically detects characteristics of the target entity’s network to illuminate themes and improve classification. The platform deploys an advanced form of machine learning that achieves great power and flexibility by learning to breakdown the data ecosystem as a nested hierarchy of judgments or scores, with each score defined in relation to its neighbors.  Everything is a network, and now you can harness it for new dimensions of insight in the search for truth.

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Explore Torch Enterprise Applications


Quickly illuminate variance within your economy to enable situation awareness for every department.


Rapidly interrogate and monitor enterprise relationships to enhance trust and engagement with agents, suppliers and constituents.


Deploy dynamic transaction scoring across the value chain to reduce risk, streamline operations, and surface opportunity.