Nexus. The highest-performance data processing platform ever built.

Nexus is a transparent and composable software platform bridging three powerful capabilities:


Extract meaningful content from any type of data, any format, any system, any structure, in the cloud or on premises.  Nexus leverages machine learning algorithms to process data instantly, before it’s stored anywhere.


Securely connect your data sources and business systems, so your investments in infrastructure don’t go to waste. Nexus unlocks your proprietary data by fusing it with additional, public data sources—like social media and geography.


Extract intelligence from your data in new and novel ways. Surface hidden context and correlations through a deeper, ontological understanding of your data.

Your large scale data processor just became obsolete

Nexus software's ground-breaking compute performance, up to 10.7x faster than the leading data lake software, enables your organization to interact directly with the entirety of your authoritative data.


Faster compute performance

Nexus: 3.78 GB per 1 second 32-core CPU
Nearest peer:0.345 GB per 1 second 32-core CPU (built on Apache Spark)

As code

The engineer-friendly approach

Composable microservices invoked as code, simplifying integration with existing data infrastructure.

Securely provision and orchestrate multiple services at any scale.

Rapid deployment provides your customers value within a matter of hours.

Features and benefits

Real-time data transformation
  • Analyze data in flight in real time.
  • Does not replicate authoritative data.
  • Reduces infrastructure costs.
Unstructured data processing and fusion
  • Instantly make your data totally available, usable, and valuable.
  • Utilizes AI to determine additional data objects to add to further enrich existing data.
  • Autotunes the optimal representations of data to continuously improve ML performance and accuracy.
Semantic stitching
  • Semantic Stitching. Proprietary no-code data retrieval system. Use business-friendly data requests instead of technical queries. Semantically understand's the wealth of enterprise data.
  • Engages easily within existing architecture.
  • Comprised of packaged business capabilities and pluggable microservices
  • Provides class-leading pre-trained models as well support for Bring Your Own Model (BYOM).